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DIMIC LAW is a full-service legal firm practicing in the areas of civil litigation, family law, wills and estates, real estate, defence, commercial and corporate law, as well as providing Commission and Notary Public services.

We assist both Legal Aid and private clients, ensuring access to justice for all.

We pride ourselves on our work product and we continuously strive to exceed expectations.

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In times like this it isn’t hard to find someone that is being taken advantage of and or simply doesn’t have enough resources and guidance to fully assess the situation and come out on top. DIMIC LAW was born out of the desire to assist everyone in obtaining legal justice. We are here to put YOUR mind at ease, protect you in many types of situations and safeguard your interests.



A co-ownership agreement is an amazing tool that exists to protect your best interests and rights, and ensure that there

Losing someone in the family is never easy. The closest you are to someone, the more you will be impacted.

You have rights as a worker in Canada regardless of whether you are an independent contractor, a temporary employee, or

There is so much to think of when considering opening a law firm. From the size of it, and if

Dealing with real estate can be stressful by itself. When you add this to having to find a place to

Going through a divorce is already hard enough. There are tons of paperwork, and legal fees that need to be

Whenever you have a legal problem, you want to make sure that you are not leaving the outcomes of it

There are situations in which you do not want to be at luck’s mercy. When you are being accused of

There are many areas of the law that lawyers in Calgary can work on and build up their expertise on.

In Alberta, there are a few documents that lay out what is the base standards for employment rules such as

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