Debt Collection

Our team practices in the area of debt enforcement. We assist individuals with unsecured and secured debt claims by working with the approved Civil Enforcement Agencies in Alberta.

Our swift process includes:

  1. Issuing a Demand Letter;
  2. Entering a judgment and filing a Writ of Enforcement;
  3. Filing the Writ of Enforcement with the Land Titles’ Office and the Personal Property Registry;
  4. Seizure of real and other personal property; 
  5. Forced sale of land; and
  6. Garnishment of wages;

If the matter is likely to proceed to a full trial, we assist the clients in assessing what the ultimate benefit is on proceeding, given the amount of debt outstanding. 

In Alberta, judgments are valid for up to 10 years, with an option to renew to extend the period so while the timeframe to collect is lengthy, we want to ensure that we get an effective result for our clients as efficiently as possible. 

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