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Commercial Leases
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It would be wonderful if you could outright own your business premises, but unfortunately, that is just not that common today. Developers have instead built out large areas of commercial space which is available through short- or long-term leases. While the current state of the economy has led to more commercial space to be available, it is still important to negotiate a mutually beneficial lease agreement. 

On the other hand, if you are already a party privy to the lease agreement, it is important to assess what your options are, in case there is a contractual breach by the other side.

Let us help you avoid entering into an unfavourable contract, or being held at the mercy of your landlord for a potential breach of your lease agreement.

When negotiating a lease agreement, we can assist you in understanding your true financial commitment, including not only rent, but expenses associated with common area property and maintenance cost. In addition, we can ensure that you are protected on the same level as the landlord, who could have initially had leverage in negotiating the lease. 

When there has been an allegation that your lease has been breached, we can assist you in determining what rights and property are being withheld from you. When running an active business, you cannot afford to lose any time away from your business premises, nor afford to pay for questionable expenses raised by the landlord.  

If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact one of our corporate law lawyers.