Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Our team assists both landlords and tenants in resolving their various dispute issues. There are a number of avenues open to explore when being faced with this sort of dispute.

  1. Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolutions ServiceThe Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service [“RTDRS”] offers landlords and tenants an alternative to arguing their dispute in court and may result in a more expedited and cost-effective process. If this route is selected, we can assist in drafting an application for a hearing. The matter will be heard before a Tenancy Dispute Officer whose decision would be binding on all parties. 

For more information on the RTDRS process, please refer to this website.

  1. Mediation Services – Mediation is a process where parties discuss problems and try to reach a solution with the help of a mediator. We can assist by providing support and guidance during this process in hopes of reaching a common agreement between the parties. 
  1. Provincial Court – The Provincial Court is available to both landlords and tenants for claims up to $50,000. We can assist with making a claim or an originating application in Provincial Court.

If you have a residential tenancy dispute, please contact one of our Real Estate lawyers today.