Til Death Do Us Part is sometimes easier said then done.  We may come to a point in our lives where the emotional and physical burden of carrying on with our partner is simply overwhelming.  

The Federal Divorce Act, outlines procedure for a divorce Action, while the rules of the Alberta Rules of Court, supplement them.  

Under section 8(1) of the Divorce Act, breakdown of marriage is the only ground required for a divorce. 

Separation for more than one year from your spouse is the least controversial action resulting in the breakdown.  

Corollary relief which includes spousal supportchild support , parenting and division of property can be brought forth with or severed from the divorce claim. 

Let us relieve you from bearing this burden and assist you in SAFEGUARDING YOUR INTERESTS. We want you to succeed. We want you to be happy. We encourage you to attempt reconciliation with your partner, and if it does not pan out, any period less than 90 days will not count towards your length of time of separation.

Rather than litigation, we encourage alternative resolutions of the matter, including arbitration or mediation.

If there are children under 16 years old, a Parenting After Separation seminar is required to be completed within 3 months of commencing an action for divorce. 

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