Drug Offences

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act , aids the Criminal Code in classifying the different types of drugs (Schedules I-VII) for which charges can be laid against the accused.

The five main types of drug offences include possessing a drug, possession of a drug for purposes of trafficking, trafficking a drug, producing a drug and importing a drug. 

There are different penalties depending on the type of drug that you are charged with. Like weapons offences, most of these offences come with mandatory minimum jail sentences. 

There are defences available and ways to “fight off” these charges, by challenging on the basis of an illegal search and seizure. Every Canadian Citizen is entitled to protection and having their rights guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Rights often infringed upon include sections 7-10, including right to security and a right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizure, as well as arbitrary detention. We can assist you by drafting Charter Applications, for breaches of provisions of the Charter, in order to either exclude evidence or stay the matter.

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