In today’s COVID-19 post-apocalyptic world, everything is unprecedented. However, there is opportunity to create value and potentially save your family some much needed cash flow.

With demand for property dropping, and supply of property still on the market, mortgage lenders are coming up with incentives in order to attract buyers into favourable refinancing options.

Currently, it might make more sense to refinance at a variable rate given the fluctuations in the marketplace as well as the amount of equity your property may have. 

Let us PROTECT you by working closely with lenders in order to ensure that you achieve the best refinancing option possible. 

Particularly, we will ensure to prepare and register your new mortgage and work with our affiliate partners in order to maximize savings on your behalf. We assist in discharging the current mortgage once the new funding is in place.   

If you are interested in refinancing your property,  please contact one of our Real Estate lawyers today.

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