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After the Incorporation of your business , it is important to consider documenting and legally binding different areas in order to avoid future pitfalls and disputes.

Allow us to protect your interests by drafting business agreements to assist your various evolving business needs. 

Shareholder Agreements – Typically these agreements are known as Unanimous Shareholder Agreements [the “USA”], meaning that all current and future shareholders are parties to the agreement. The Corporate USA help current shareholders plan for the future and help to resolve ongoing disputes. The agreement deals with the operation of the corporation, and the responsibilities, and rights, including, voting rights, of the shareholders. The ultimate goal is a proactive effort by the shareholders to plan for and mitigate future business disputes and issues that may arise.

Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreements – These agreements deal first and foremost to protect your corporate information. As your business expands and grows, employees, contractors and other third parties will have access to the company’s sensitive and proprietary information, such as process schemes and customer lists. These agreements place restrictions on transmission and disclosure of this information, requirements for handling such information, and penalties for confidentiality breaches. 

Employment Agreements – As your business grows, you can try to be superhuman, but at the end of the day, you can’t just do it all. When hiring employees, it is important to have a firm employment agreement in place that will dictate the relationship from the beginning. In order to ensure adherence to Alberta Employment Standards Code, and avoid any future disputes regarding the terms of the employment, the Employment Agreement should specifically address all levels of compensation provided (salary, overtime payments, benefits and bonus pay), terms regarding intellectual property (which can also be addressed to the aforementioned Confidentiality Agreements, and the responsibilities addressed with the employment title with the firm. 

Other agreements include non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements, financing and security agreements, sales contracts, lease agreements and business partnership agreements.

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