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Spousal And Partner Support

In today’s fast paced, high powered society, in order to sustain a decent standard of living, both spouses are required to work and contribute to the household, especially if there are children involved. Other households rely on a single income in order to make ends meet. Whatever the case is, upon a dissolution of a relationship, it is important to PROTECT THE INTERESTS of the party that stands to lose from the income of the other party once relied on.


‘Til Death Do Us Part is sometimes easier said then done.  We may come to a point in our lives where the emotional and physical burden of carrying on with our partner is simply overwhelming.  

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Remember when you were moving out of your parents’ house to be with your significant other in your first ever joint residence? Saying goodbye, there were tears of course, but wasn’t there also a sly degree of happiness? You got to make you own rules, for the first time ever…subject to your significant other.

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We live for our children. There is no other way to look at it. No matter what is happening with our spouse or common law partner, we simply cannot let our children down. Upon the dissolution of the relationship, one party may have primary care and control of the children, while the other party could have limited parenting time with the children.

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Nobody should be a party to and on the receiving end of domestic abuse. So many victims stay silent and continue to live with the abuser, at the risk to themselves and their children.

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From the moment we bring children into this world, we have a duty to make sure that we provide for them, take care of them, and incentivize them, so they will succeed and one day take care of us. When there is a relationship breakdown between the parties, children often suffer the most. They may be exposed to arguments, parental substance abuse, changes in their daily routine and distancing from other family and friends.


You may have focused on developing your career first, and as a result gained a moderate amount of financial wealth. However, it is only now that you find yourself in a first real relationship. You feel that this is the right person to spend the rest of your life with, however, you are cautious. On the other hand, your relationship has deteriorated, and you want to ensure that the verbal contract you have with your ex-partner is solidified.

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Your relationship is growing, but you do not believe in the traditional concept of marriage, or do not believe marriage should define the type of bond that you have with your significant other. Marriage may eventually happen, but for now, it is not necessary to validate the beautiful relationship that you have and continue to build on.