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November 2022 – Family Lawyer Tactics That Can Resolves Your Matters

Family Lawyer Calgary

Dealing with the law can easily become a stressful task and quite time-consuming, especially if it is about family law. Most people are overcome with emotions, and if you are not used to dealing with pressure, you are bound to commit mistakes in court. Not being able to see clearly through a legal case can cost a lot of resources such as time, peace of mind, and money.

These are just some of the reasons why you should trust a seasoned and experienced family lawyer in Calgary to help you go through those situations. A trained professional will not only save you money in the long run but will also give you the relief of knowing that someone who knows what they are doing is dealing with the case and that you will not need to stress as much over it.

But overall, how can a family lawyer Calgary help you solve your matters? What exactly can they do for you so you can keep yourself put together and in good hands?

Family Lawyers and What They Do

There are many ramifications where lawyers specialize, some in more than one. A family lawyer will focus on the Family Law aspect of it, that is, the regulations that take care of family issues such as divorce, division of property, custody and access schedules, and spousal and/or child support

The most common situation where a family lawyer will be necessary is when there is a breaking in the relationship status and you need to deal with the situation. In many cases, one or both of the parties involved will not want to let go of certain aspects of their life, such as demanding to keep the family home or keeping full custody of the children. For this reason, family cases can escalate quickly to be complicated and laborious.

Your lawyer will not only present to the court your rights and pleas, but will also try to smooth out the situation, so that everything is resolved in a more friendly way, and that no one ends up harmed or mentally exhausted. They will ensure your rights are protected and your best interests are defended for a fair settlement without much stress.

Communication with Parties

There are times when communication between both parties of the relationship is not possible as easily as you would like. Reasons vary, maybe the relationship ended due to infidelity and communication has been severed, or maybe one simply refuses to cooperate. In some other cases, security issues might be in place if one of the partners is abusive and communication is threatening and violent.

In a best-case scenario, the split is amicable and a settlement can be reached without going to trial, but that’s not always the case. Regardless, a family lawyer can be your intermediate for communication. They will do all the talking with the other party’s lawyer to reach settlements so you don’t need to have any more connection than necessary.

From drafting documents to negotiating terms and conditions in settlements so your rights are protected and your best interests are taken care of, a family lawyer can be your spokesperson with all their experience and knowledge of the law.

Experience and Expertise

The law can be confusing and hard to keep up with. The seasoned lawyers in Calgary is already used to it and knows the nuances of it. This experience will help you to not miss deadlines, draft documents in the appropriate way, come up with the best possible defence if the cases go to court, and in conducting yourself properly in Court.

Furthermore, the expertise of the family lawyer allows them to have contact with other professionals in varying areas of practice outside of the law field. This network can be valuable in court if you need evidence corroborated by specialists, and would otherwise be much more difficult to maintain on your own if you were to adopt self-representation in court.

There are many different ways of dealing with a case and they all depend on the complexity of the case, how amicable parties are, and if settlements could be reached and so on. Having an experienced family lawyer with you can even avoid going to Court – a strenuous, time and money-consuming event.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

To avoid going to Court, a family lawyer can try to reason with the other party and their legal representation to accept settlement terms in an informal and alternative resolution. This will avoid stressful litigation and save money and time.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions can include:

  • Mediation, where a neutral professional will sit between the parties and conduct a productive conversation to reach a middle ground;
  • Arbitration, where an unbiased professional can take legally binding decisions if parties cannot reach an agreement on their own; 
  • Parenting Coordination, to reach agreements on day-to-day parenting responsibilities and duties;
  • Collaborative Family Law, to work together with the other party’s legal representation instead of against it to reach the best possible middle ground so both parties can leave satisfied with the result; and 
  • Judicial Dispute Resolution, which happens before a judge in a more informal way to solve disputes that couldn’t be settled before going to trial.


Overall, having a family lawyer with you is in your best interests to have a smooth and stress-free situation where the best possible outcome can happen. They will employ all their experience, expertise, techniques, and knowledge to support you. It is never advised to face a family case unaccompanied by a legal team, so finding one as soon as possible is vital for your and your family’s wellbeing.

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