Southampton, England – For fans of soccer and the English Premier League (“EPL”), the game over the weekend was truly one for the ages. And I am not referring to matches involving powerhouses Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester City. The breathtaking performance actually occurred with a 9-0 drubbing of Southampton and the hands of Leicester City F.C.  This could easily be mistaken for a baseball, maybe CFL scoreline, but soccer???

For some Leicester have become topflight darlings after winning the EPL back in 2016 against 5000 to 1 odds. How happy were some lads to take this bet and never have to work a day in their lives(at least for a few years at least!). This time Leicester impressed ones again, leaving Southampton manager Ralph Hassenhutl to profusely apologize to the heartbroken fans. The last time such an abysmal and lack luster performance occurred was when Manchester United beat Ipswich Town by the same scoreline, back in 1995.

Kilkenny, Ireland – There are some of us out there that definitely believe in some form of a higher power and a possibility of an afterlife. We strive to be model citizens and contribute to our society, so we may be treated with respect and dignity after. Others see the final send-off, the funeral service, as a  way to one last time… prank all the loved ones who attend???

That’s exactly what happened at Mr. Shay Bradley’s funeral. As the casket was being lowered into the ground for the final part of the service, a voice screamed out loud. It was Mr. Bradley’s! He was screaming to be let out of the casket. He kept asking for the priest and reassuring people that he was very much alive in the box. Eventually the stunned crowd caught on that this was nothing more than an elaborate prank, something Mr. Bradley was known for. They joined in a song with the pre-recorded tape to grant Mr. Bradley a final send-off.

Imagine though actually being trapped in a coffin at your own funeral…I mean that would be truly horrifying. Some people are thankful that cremation is a more modern alternative.

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