What Does a Commercial Lawyer Do?

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Commercial lawyers in Calgary are crucial professionals for any business or company. Commercial lawyers work with companies by making sure they are abiding by rules, policies, and other laws so that operations can continue to run efficiently and there are no surprises or difficulties in the future.

First, it is important to understand the difference between commercial lawyers and corporate lawyers. While corporate lawyers will focus on the firm as an entity and try to see it develop instead of representing its employees, even directors, commercial lawyers will focus on the day-to-day operations of a company and ensure that it is operating smoothly.

Commercial lawyers are valuable and essential resources for any business, but what else do they do, specifically? The duties that a commercial lawyer Calgary has and the tasks they carry out on a daily basis are covered in the subjects that follow.

Compliance and Document Drafting

As mentioned before, one of the most important jobs for commercial lawyers in Calgary is ensuring compliance with guidelines and laws as well as drafting documents that are legally enforceable. Examples vary, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or privacy policies, and cease and desist. The goal of the commercial lawyer is to protect the company’s rights and best interests.

In order to do so, it is not uncommon for commercial lawyers to have to review documents like sales or purchases, looking for nuances in terms, conditions, duties, and responsibilities.

The commercial lawyer must also be familiar with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations because they will have an impact on how the business is run. They must confirm that the business is abiding by all regulations, whether they are federal or provincial, to prevent future problems.

Finances and Banks

Commercial lawyers handle a significant volume of financial transactions. To be able to offer better guidance when necessary, they must be knowledgeable on subjects like taxes, salaries, and profitability.

The same is true for familiarity with stocks in order to assist businesses with equity financing if they choose to do so. Equity financing is when a corporation sells shares of itself to raise money for various purposes, such as funding a project or settling a debt. By evaluating contracts and how they will affect the obligations and responsibilities of the organisation, a commercial lawyer can assist the company in avoiding situations that do not align with its goals.

It is crucial for the company’s healthy growth to review contracts and agreements with lenders to make sure the company’s best interests are being protected, and to make sure its rights are upheld and it is entering a successful situation.

Commercial Lawyers and Litigation

When conducting a business, it is very likely that there will be some sort of miscommunication or problems between the company and a client or business partners. If the problem escalates and needs to go to Court, you will want your business to be protected. By concentrating on dispute resolution and handling issues in a way that will minimise losses to the company, a commercial lawyer in Calgary can assist your business.

A commercial lawyer that specialises in litigation is responsible for drafting paperwork, examining contracts, and assisting their client in hearings and trials to best protect their interests and rights. There are situations where they can also serve as dispute mediators to try and find solutions prior to going to court in order to save resources like time and money. Dealing with them helps the company’s daily operations as well because those circumstances tend to occur frequently.


In conclusion, commercial lawyers are indispensable professionals for any business or company that wants to thrive and grow. With a wide range of knowledge in different aspects of the law, those professionals specialise in making sure the company is operating without hindrances.

Experienced and seasoned commercial lawyers in Calgary are the best line of defence for any business and in the best interests of its growth. While hiring a law firm can be intimidating because of the possible cost associated, it will prove to actually save resources in the long term by ensuring that operations run efficiently, in accordance with policies, and without stress to the business while evaluating papers and identifying issues.

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