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What Does a Criminal Lawyer in Calgary Do?

Calgary Criminal Lawyer

A criminal offence is one of the most complicated issues to deal with regarding the law. First and foremost, you will want the best criminal lawyer you can find to help you throughout your case to defend your rights and best interests.

Criminal offences are majoritarily ruled by the Criminal Code but sometimes may use other federal laws. In criminal law, there are two types of offences, and it is important to know what your case is defined as. Summary convictions are minor offences such as a disturbance – being loud in public, for example, and having yourself arrested because of it. Indictable offences, however, are when things get much more serious. These are the offences such as murder, breaking into someone’s property, and theft.

In criminal law, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and pieces of evidence that were acquired illegally, such as through illegal search, may not be used against you by a judge.

It is important to differentiate and understand what is a criminal offence to better understand what a criminal lawyer in Calgary can do for you, and why having one in those situations is definitely in your best interests.

On the next following topics, let us look over what the life of a criminal lawyer is like.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Actually Do?

In absolute short words, a criminal defence lawyer will take up your case after you have been charged with a crime and defend you under the law to ensure your rights are being protected. But there is a lot that comes with this.

Experienced criminal Lawyers in Calgary will have a wide range of experts at a phone call distance to support your case, if necessary. Their experience also includes having a relationship with judges and other court officials, which can support you in having a favourable outcome

Sometimes, police may voice that there is a warrant for you, and you may want to connect with a trustworthy criminal lawyer from the start so you can surrender yourself (which is usually a positive thing for your case). A Calgary Criminal Lawyer will also try their best so you can have a bail hearing as soon as possible as well as negotiate the terms for your bail.

However, even if you are released, you are still being charged with a crime under the Criminal Code and will have to see this through. 

Your criminal lawyer will represent you in any administrative appearance in Court, as well as receive the “disclosure” from law enforcement – that is, the evidence found against you. They will keep updating the evidence against you from the police to ensure they always have a defence for any of them as best as possible, their aim is to find legal issues and show to the Crown your defence.

You will have a pre-trial, and depending on the nature of the charge you are facing, there may be a resolution where all parties are satisfied with the outcome. There is a chance that a resolution is impossible, and that is when your lawyer will set the actual trial dates.

The trial is where the criminal lawyer will shine the most. They will analyze the prosecutor’s case, the evidence shown, and the witnesses brought and will use evidence in your favour and defend your case to the best capabilities. They will argue and fight to show you are not guilty of the charge – or fight for a more lenient sentence during the post-trial.

The post-trial is the sentencing hearing, which means you were found guilty during the trial. Your criminal lawyer will show sentencing material and argue and advocate for a sentence to be more lenient or reasonable taking your case into consideration. This defence is extremely important just as the defence during the trial.


The life and job of a criminal lawyer are a lot of work. From advocating for your defence to analyzing evidence, arguing against the prosecution of your case, and supporting your case to find a more suitable sentence if it comes to that they will do their best to defend your rights.

Criminal charges are serious business, it stays on your file and living with the stigma of being convicted of a crime can be really hard on people and their ability to come back to society. Having an experienced criminal lawyer with you is in your best interests in those cases more than any other. Their expertise, in addition to the resources they may have in your favour will come around in defending your best interests.

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