March 2022 – Why Is Corporate Planning Important?

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It is not every day that we start a new business. It is no easy task, and should not be treated as such. From opening your doors to retiring after years as CEO, there is always something to work on. 

Most companies that shut their doors within a short time after opening do so because of a lack of preparation and proper planning. But why, exactly, is corporate planning necessary? What benefits can a business owner get from it, and how can it help a company succeed? 

Many elements answer these questions, and we will need key points to better analyze why you, too, should pay attention to corporate planning. 

Think About Your Project

Before you can open for business, there are countless things you should be doing. It all starts with thinking about your project, and how you intend to lead your company. 

To create an appropriate business plan, it is always a good idea to consult with a corporate lawyer Calgary. They have all of the so-needed expertise to guide you through the procedures to open a company, as well as valuable information regarding the market that you are getting yourself into. 

You must think about what can you offer to society, how many employees you need and how many can you afford to have, who your suppliers are going to be, how are you going to work, what structure will your company have, and so on. You also need to think about the money that you are going to invest, and where you are going to get it from—if you are secure enough to use your own funds, if you need to attract investors or if you need to ask for a loan in a bank.

People often will be caught in a tight spot in the future for overseeing essential steps of creating a business, but these situations can be easily solved with pre-planning. 

Prepare To Open

After you are sure that you have everything needed to start operations, it is time to go through a lot of paperwork. Having a corporate lawyer while you prepare to open can save you from getting overwhelmed with stress since it is the legal team who is going to carefully finish the procedure on your behalf. 

Of course, a business owner must follow closely the steps to setting up their business, so you have to work with your lawyers in Calgary, and not just delegate tasks to them. 

It is during your preparation that you also must plan how you are going to do the initial marketing and hire your staff. A lawyer can also help you with that, especially regarding employment contracts.

The marketing strategy is best done by a professional team, which also should be included in your planning. It serves to show your business to the world and gather customers. A common hint to marketing is that you want to make your first few weeks work perfectly to make sure people will want to engage with your company, so having a clear corporate plan is vital.

Manage Your Company

Even after you have your business up and running, corporate planning is still relevant. 

Your company needs constant attention from you and your business partners, as a lot of things can change. Corporate planning serves the purpose of helping your brand to succeed, and managing it is how you do it. 

Two common scenarios can help visualize the importance of planning. The first is regarding a boost of success that allows you to innovate. Maybe you want to renovate your space or open a new franchise, and you know you have the means to do so: you still will need a lot of corporate planning involved. Not only you will need to be sure of the cost, but also the impact that this change will have on your business, and whether or not you can see it done as quickly and smoothly as possible. In case of renovations, will you close your doors for the time being, or have your clients and staff walk through a construction site? And if you want a franchise, will you manage it yourself or partner with someone else? 

The second scenario is the opposite, in case your business is not doing very well. You need to be able to see your weaknesses and strengths clearly to know which points to address first. This is why corporate planning is important: if you already have everything on paper before, it is easier to spot what is causing you to lose money, and where you need to improve. 

Even keeping track of customer reviews and client needs is managing your company. You should always be taking care of it.

Be Ready for Crisis 

When things that we cannot control happen, there is no room for desperation. We can only act to overcome the crisis. 

Good corporate planning will include a backup plan for times of need and will foresee different situations in which the company may be compromised. Many of those situations can come from the market itself in the shape of an economic crisis or, as recent times taught us, from a global emergency that affects everyone. 

Although external harm can come as shock, it is usually followed by help from governments or institutions that work together to control the adversity, so companies can have extra help.

The real problem lies in crisis that comes from within the company because then you are the one responsible to suppress it. When operations get in such a dire state, it is necessary to find a good corporate lawyer to follow closely. A complete restructure of the company may be necessary, but that’s why corporate planning is here. 

By identifying possible risks to your business, it gets easier to prevent the unidentified ones. In your corporate planning, you should include matters such as loss of equipment, backlash from society, poor performance from employees, and even natural disasters. As a result, the business owner can establish an emergency fund or get broader insurance. 

In the end, corporate planning can be a lifesaver.

Update Your Business 

As time passes, society changes, and businesses should follow along. Some things that worked out perfectly when you opened your doors are not going to be the best option after a few years, so it is important to keep updating your operations. 

Corporate planning should include the company’s goals for the future, no matter how far in time it may be. Constant managing helps the businessperson to come up with strategies to achieve those goals despite all challenges and in harmony with all success. 

Companies in Calgary tend to aim at a more sustainable future, and so they innovate their operations to follow along. Not only it looks better in the eyes of your community, but going green can actually save you a lot of money—and make you even more.

You can also set a goal to employ twice as many people as you did when you started, or have three times more profit. In any case, your company should not be stuck in time. Moving forward is an unspoken obligation of all business owners. 


As you follow an organized timeline to create your corporate plan and think of possible scenarios that would affect you positively or negatively, you put yourself on the right track. This is how business should be done, and no one can afford to not have a strategy for their operations. Better to have corporate planning.

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