The holidays can be an amazing moment to share with family and friends to most people, a moment to share

Whenever you are purchasing a property, you want to make sure that everything is going on smoothly, so you have

When you think about all the legalities, nuances, different jurisdictions, hundreds of different laws, and applications for them, it makes

Whether you are an independent worker, temporary, or you have a salary with a company, you are entitled to rights

Dealing with real estate law can be an overwhelming and overly complicated task to navigate if you do not already

Thinking about what will happen with your assets, money, or belongings after you pass away is a common concern. Many

If you need a lawyer, regardless of the reason, you want an experienced and seasoned professional who will be able

Many Canadians dream of opening their own business. Whether it is because they believe they have a good idea that

We all know that we as citizens and human beings are entitled to some rights that guarantee our basic human

The title itself may give a clue about what this kind of lawyer does in their profession. A Family Lawyer

Buying a property, whether it is your first one or not can be very overwhelming, there is tons of paperwork

Owning a property involves a lot of closing costs, responsibilities, and duties. In our current economy, it has become harder

Dealing with the law can easily become a stressful task and quite time-consuming, especially if it is about family law.

You have been saving money and making plans, and the time is finally here. You are buying your first house.

Drug offences can be a serious and complicated matter, and no one wants to be the target of the investigation.

Not everyone keeps track or had classes about employment agreements, laws and regulations. It is not a simple topic, being

Co-ownership agreements are a smart move if you are planning to share a property with someone else. There are countless

Not a lot of people can say that they have the perfect job. No matter how much we like our

Hiring a lawyer in Calgary is always your best line of defence in most legal situations. From a simple real

Real estate lawyers serve many purposes and can help their clients buy and sell properties with ease. Whenever you need

It is not every day that we start a new business. It is no easy task, and should not be

Every business owner needs a lawyer by their side, and naturally, they will look for the best commercial lawyers they

Civil litigation lawyers can specialize in many areas of practice, and it is very likely that, if you need legal

We already discussed the importance of having real estate lawyers assisting you when selling or buying a property. Not only

No one ever expects to suffer an accident, much less to have to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

No matter your reason to need a lawyer, hiring one is not as simple as it may seem. There are

There are plenty of best lawyers in Calgary to choose from, each with its strengths and particular work style. With

Have you ever wondered how much a lawyer makes a year? For most of us, the answer is yes. It

Whether you are ready to move into your first house or ready to change to a bigger, fresher place, buying

Civil litigation actions are known to be lengthy, and even the seemingly simpler cases can turn out to be really

Times are still tough. We all know that. We do our best or we should be doing our best to

You have an issue with your tenant. They have caused damaged to your property and have broken the fixed lease

During these difficult times, many of us are facing family struggles. According to a recent CBC article, divorce and separation

FOCUS: THE RACE TO LNG EXPORTS  (PART IV: Unchartered Territory ) LNG Canada is one of the largest energy investments

Setting up and running your own business has taken a large amount of work. Lots of time, effort, and resources

You have an issue with your tenant. They have caused damaged to your property and have broken the fixed lease

Separation can be messy. Whether common law or married, it’s never easy when kids are involved. It is crucial that

It is rather awkward to ask your loved ones whether they have everything in place for when they move on

Let’s face it. It has been a trying year for all of us, one way or another. However, whether we

We have never seen our kids this much in our lives! It’s exciting, exhausting, uncertain, challenging, and did I mention

In Calgary, we didn’t protest. We stood in solidarity in front of City Hall showing full support for our fellow

Although there has been ease of restriction on travel across provincial borders, the Federal government won’t make that exception for

McKenzie Towne Continuing Care Center was hit extremely hard by COVID-19. There have been 114 confirmed pandemic cases to date,

The Calgary Indigenous Court [“CIC”] located on the 18th floor of the Calgary Court Centre was formed in order to

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE – Dr. DEENA HINSHAW Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so humble, disciplined, and

It could be the excitement or slight recklessness on our part, but as it often happens, one moment is all

A TRIBUTE: FRONTLINE HEROES This month, I would like to start turning the spotlight on people that are making a

We are officially nearing the end of the third month of the pandemic crisis. The Calgary Stampede has been canceled

For some of you, it’s already been over a month of self-isolation. You have your daily routine set in stone.

Each month we will focus on projects that will help create more jobs, more profit, and more economic and social