At times, there may be a group of people that are interested in commencing an action against the same parties for the same or similar breach, harm, and further damages. In this situation, one or more of the interested parties can sue or defend on behalf of the group in a representative suit.

The advantages of joining a Class Action include pooling of resources and documentation, reduced costs to individual claimants and obtaining a stronger leverage in order to negotiate a settlement.

The Alberta Rules of Court and the Class Proceedings Act (“CPA”) enable individuals to bring forth a representative action.

Application to the Court for Certification of a class proceeding should be made within 90 days of filing of the Statement of Defence in the action.

Under section 5 of the CPA, in order to receive certification, the Court has to be satisfied that:

Class Actions are most appropriate in cases where it would be too expensive for plaintiffs to press their claims individually.

Settlements are possible during any step of the process, but the action could also proceed to trial.

There are many class actions suits currently listed as active in Canada.

Let us PROTECT YOU and collect your peers in order to FURTHER YOUR INTERESTS and possibly initiate a Class Action claim, to right the wrongdoing to yourself and your team.

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