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Steve Dimic

In times like this it isn’t hard to find someone that is being taken advantage of and or simply doesn’t have enough resources and guidance to fully assess the situation and come out on top. DIMIC LAW was born out of the desire to assist everyone in obtaining legal justice. We are here to put YOUR mind at ease, protect you in many types of situations and safeguard your interests.

Dashka Korch

Head Finance

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Office Administration

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Legal Assistant

Marie Rebustillo


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“To be the premiere law firm of choice, renowned for an innovative and ambitious approach in providing unparalleled legal solutions”


At Dimic Law, our mission is to provide comprehensive and client centered legal services in the areas of corporate, commerical, real estate and civil law. Our relentless commitment to excellence and integrity drive us to be a trusted partner for our clients, driving them through their legal challenges with skill, compassion and unwavering advocacy.

our values

  • Team with a diversified background; In addition to legal, our team has financial, project management, corporate, construction and planning background that is a valuable skill set to utilize in assessing matters such as matrimonial property division to purchase or sale of a commercial property. 
  • Assisting both Legal Aid and private clients, ensuring access to justice for all.
  • Flat, affordable fees for services such as Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, Real Estate purchases, Sales and RefinancesWills and Estates, Essential Corporate and Small Business Services and Initial Family and Employment matter consultations
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, support staff, specializing in areas of Criminal and Family law.
  • On-call Staff available for last minutes signings and filing services.
  • Connected to a network of partners, providing a quick, one-stop shop service in areas of Injury Law, Real Estate and Family Law. 
  • On-site translation services are available for multiple languages.

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