When an employee is required to take time off work in Alberta, they usually have short-term and long-term benefit packages available from their employer.

While short-term liability packages tend to be expedited by the employer’s insurance provider, long term disability packages have more extensive criteria for approval.

The rules for ensuring qualification through your insurance provider depend on your specific long-term disability policy, the insurance laws and regulations for your province, and the common law of Canada.

The waiting period for long-term disability under most plans is 17 weeks but can go as high as 52 weeks. Any lower timeframe under disability  is usually covered by the short-term disability benefits.

Insurance companies can deny your long-term benefits package for a variety of reasons, which may appear unclear or confusing.

Let us PROTECT YOU from any further headaches from your long-term disability assessment or claim rejection and truly FURTHER YOUR INTERESTS.

We will collect all the relevant information and deal with the insurance adjuster or opposing counsel on the other side to ensure that an appropriate course of action is taken towards your qualification.

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