When it’s time for our parents to take the next step in their golden years, we of course want to ensure that they will be adequately taken care of.  Some might spend this time at the comfort of your home, but more likely, specialized nursing homes will be considered for assistance.

 With the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes residents have unfortunately had been impacted significantly in testing positives and the number of casualties here in Calgary. Thus, on top of this disaster, to worry about the actual treatment of nursing home residents is unfathomable.

However, at times, the level of care at these facilities is inadequate.

Under the Protection of Persons in Care Act, promotion of safety of adults in publicly funded care is paramount. Among other specifications, service providers must take reasonable steps to protect clients from abuse, while providing care or support services.

Nursing home abuse, specifically elder abuse or negligence can include physical and emotional abuse, human rights abuses, financial abuse, sexual assault, neglect, malnutrition, and inadequate medical or sanitary care.

If you suspect something is occurring, immediately contact the police. Also, the Kirby Centre

Elder Abuse Response Team, and the Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network are other helpful resources.

Common signs of elder abuse include confusion, depression or anxiety, unexplained injuries, changes in hygiene, fearfulness around certain people and fear or worry when talking about money.

Elder abuse can happen outside of long-term care facilities, but the same rules apply.

Let us PROTECT YOU from any further headaches from the potential reality that elder abuse has occurred to your loved one. We will FURTHER YOUR INTERESTS by assessing the situation and whether an action in tort or pressing criminal charges is warranted.

If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact one of our personal injury lawyers today.

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