Why Choose Dimic Law Firm?

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Whenever you have a legal problem, you want to make sure that you are not leaving the outcomes of it to luck, and want to find the best Lawyers in Calgary to assist you.

That is when you do your research in order to filter down your options, and when you find Dimic Law.

Dimic Law has been supporting Calgarians find legal advice and justice since 2020 with the support of Steve Dimic, owner and responsible lawyer of Dimic Law.

But why should you choose Dimic Law Firm with so many options out there? Let us look a little deeper into why Dimic Law is the best choice.

Humane Approach

Dimic Law sees people for who they are, not what they have, own, or work with. Helping private clients or Legal Aid, everyone is welcome at Dimic Law.

Steve Dimic founded Dimic Law so everyone would have access to affordable and accessible legal guidance, so you can be advised on different situations and legal matters, and your rights are protected and best interests kept in mind, so you can be at ease.

At Dimic Law, our diversified team will have the set of skills and expertise to help you with your problems and assess the best solution forward, as well as connections to a network of partners to support your needs.

We pride ourselves in always doing our best and exceeding expectations and we are happy to say that we have on-site translation services so you can be listened to regardless of the language you speak.

Areas of Expertise

Dimic Law focuses on multiple areas of the law so we can make sure that we are able to support you with any problems. From Family Law to Criminal Law, Dimic Law has you covered.

Family Law

There is so much that involves Family Law, and Dimic Law will do its best to help with it. Spousal and partner support, divorce, property division, child support, custody, pre-nuptial agreements, and even cases of family violence are just some of the things we can help with.

Always focusing on doing what is fair for people, and protecting your rights, we can find a positive outcome for your situation.

Wills And State

It is never easy dealing with the certainty of death, but there are things we can do to make it easier on us, and our loved ones.

Dimic Law can help draft a will for your peace of mind that you have laid out what you want to be done with your estate, as well as help you appoint someone to make decisions for you when you are no longer capable of under the Personal Directives Act.


A Notary Public is someone authorized to guarantee documents and statements are valid. They can validate things like the signing of documents, oaths, or statements.

At Dimic Law, we can provide those services to you, as well as act as a Commissioner for Oaths to take and receive affidavits, or declarations.

It is important to say that a Notary Public can act as a Commissioner for Oaths, but the other way around cannot be done.

Corporate Law

If you have a business you will want to make sure that you are taking the best decisions to ensure the growth and maintenance of your company.

We will happily give legal advice to you to make sure that your business is thriving. From acquisition and merging, to intellectual property and incorporation services, Dimic Law is here to see you grow and prosper.

Civil Litigation 

If you have a conflict or dispute with someone else, it is always best to seek legal advice. Whenever possible, we recommend having a meaningful conversation with the other side in order to achieve a resolution without going to Court.

But if matters do go to Court, Dimic Law will defend your best interests and rights and navigate the legal process with you to bring the best outcome possible.

Real Estate 

Purchasing a property is a roller coaster of emotions. While you are happy that you may be getting your first house, there are also fees associated with it, and due dates to be met, and it can be quite overwhelming.

At Dimic Law, we will support you in this process so you can focus on what matters, the good memories you are making. From purchase and sales, co-ownership agreements, and commercial property law to landlord and tenant disputes, we got you covered.

Criminal Law 

Criminal offences are serious topics that need to be dealt with professionally and with a lot of care. In Criminal Law the stakes are the highest, you may lose your liberty, live with the fact that you are a convicted felon, lose some rights, and even be denied opportunities.

We believe in justice, so we want to make sure that you get the defence you are owed so your rights as a human being are protected. From property offences to drugs and firearms offences, we will make sure that you are being defended accordingly, and that evidence acquired in an unlawful manner such as an illegal search by the police will be identified as such.

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