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The pandemic has put quite a stranglehold on continuing or starting a small business. While there are currently subsidy protections in place, these are unfortunately only temporary in nature.

As your optimal business lawyers in Calgary, let us help relieve some of the worries that you may be experiencing about starting or continuing to run your business. Just as we can expertly handle cases as a corporate lawyers in Calgary and offer insightful M&A law services, we can also assist with a variety of your legal business needs. 

Dimic Law is here to protect what matters most!

Offering Incorporation Services and Ongoing Business Support

Establishing and running your business demands substantial effort and resources. With operations in place and clientele growing, incorporation becomes a prudent step that Dimic can help you with as the Calgary business lawyers you can count on for vital incorporation services. This enhances tax benefits, limits liability, and promotes expansion. We safeguard your interests, managing the incorporation process seamlessly. Count on us to shape your business structure, handle documentation, and offer ongoing legal support. In Alberta, electronic incorporation under the Business Corporations Act streamlines the process. Necessary documents include Articles of Incorporation, Notice of address, Notice of directors, and NUANS search results. Our small business lawyers in Calgary guide you through three corporation types, adapting to your needs. Post-incorporation, our meticulous management of your corporate records ensures compliance and organized documentation.

Knowledge-Based Navigation For Business Agreements

After incorporating your business, meticulous legal documentation is essential to preempt future disputes. Our expertise ensures precise and binding agreements tailored to your evolving needs. We craft shareholder business agreements, known as Unanimous Shareholder Agreements (USAs), encompassing all present and future shareholders to aid planning, resolve disputes, and outline shareholder rights, including voting privileges. Our Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreements safeguard corporate information, restricting sensitive data transmission, handling, and disclosure, deterring breaches through penalties. Robust employment agreements are vital as your business expands, clearly delineating employee relationships and adhering to the Alberta Employment Standards Code. These agreements comprehensively address compensation, intellectual property, and role responsibilities, minimizing potential disputes. Additionally, we cover non-competition, non-solicitation, financing, security, sales, lease, and business partnership agreements, offering a comprehensive legal framework for your business’s growth and stability.

Legal Advice for Your Commercial Leases

While owning business premises outright remains uncommon, developers offer commercial space through commercial leases. Though the economy has increased availability, securing a mutually beneficial lease agreement remains vital. If you’re party to an existing lease, understanding options for contractual breaches is essential.

Count on us to avert unfavourable contracts and safeguard against potential lease agreement breaches. We aid you in comprehending your true financial obligations, covering rent and related costs. Our expertise ensures balanced protection, nullifying initial landlord leverage. In cases of alleged lease breaches, we assist in identifying withheld rights and property. For active businesses, minimizing time away from premises and disputable expenses is crucial.

Guiding You Through Business Financing

Dimic Law is a trusted partner in guiding businesses through the intricate legalities of financing. With a deep understanding of financial regulations, they offer expert counsel on structuring loans, securing investment, and navigating regulatory compliance. Our distinct, tailored approach addresses unique business needs, ensuring financing strategies align with legal requirements. Dimic Law’s meticulous due diligence mitigates risks and paves the way for confident financial decisions. By offering comprehensive support throughout the financing process, from documentation to negotiation, they empower businesses to achieve their financial goals while staying compliant and well-protected within the bounds of the law.

Providing Counsel Related to Intellectual Property

Securing financing is a crucial challenge for new businesses. With stringent lending procedures, presenting a compelling funding request is vital. As your trusted financing and securities lawyers in Calgary, we aid in crafting solid business plans, detailed funding requests, and financial projections. We help raise equity or debt financing for ongoing operations. A robust business plan is essential, outlining your company’s description, market analysis, services, and funding needs. We ensure clarity on debt or equity preferences and terms. Our support extends to drafting comprehensive business plans and handling all legal aspects. We assist in obtaining financing through equity offerings, private investments, bank financing, and debt offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

As your trusted business lawyers in Calgary, we specialize in providing a wide range of legal services to small businesses. We assist with incorporation, business agreements, commercial leases, financing, and intellectual property matters to help you navigate the legal landscape and ensure your business’s success.

Incorporation is a crucial step for small businesses, offering tax benefits, liability protection, and opportunities for expansion. Dimic Law, your reliable Calgary business lawyers, can guide you through the process seamlessly. We handle all necessary documentation, including Articles of Incorporation, and offer ongoing legal support for compliance and organized documentation.

Our expertise in crafting precise and binding agreements is essential for small businesses. We provide Unanimous Shareholder Agreements, Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreements, employment agreements, and various other business agreements to protect your business’s interests and ensure smooth operations.

Absolutely. Whether you’re leasing commercial space or need to understand your rights and obligations in an existing lease, our Calgary business lawyers can assist. We help you secure favourable lease agreements, understand financial obligations, and navigate potential breaches while minimizing disruptions to your business.

Dimic Law offers comprehensive guidance on business financing, including structuring loans, securing investments, and navigating regulatory compliance. Our expertise in intellectual property matters can help protect your business’s innovations and creative works. Whether you need assistance with financing strategies or safeguarding intellectual property, we’re here to support your small business’s legal needs in Calgary.